5 Quilting Tips & Tricks

This blog is for anyone wanting to make a quit that is fun and easy.

Things To Do

  1. Use pre-cut fabrics for ease of use. Jelly Rolls are already cut in 2.5″ strips.
  2. Use Foundation Paper when the pattern allows.
  3. Use fabrics that you love so you will want to finish your make.
  4. Have an organized space no matter how small or large to create in. Think of it as walking into a builders home and you get to choose the final details. Who doesn’t love the feel of an uncluttered room where all you have to do is decorate it. An organized space allows you to focus on being creative!
  5. Have all the supplies you need on hand and read any directions thoroughly before you begin.
  6. Walk away from any project if you get flustered and return when you have cleared your mind.
  7. Remember it’s only fabric and most mistakes can be fixed with a seam ripper!
  8. Above all else…. Make it your own & Have FUN!


I hope this information was useful in some small way & has inspired you to make one of your own.

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